Gifts & Book Plates

The Library welcomes gifts of materials in good condition that support current teaching and research in our undergraduate and graduate programs and that do not duplicate items already in our collections.

Help us make the best use of your donations.

While the Library is always happy to receive donations of items that enhance our collections and support our current curriculum, there are things potential donors can do to help make the best use of items they wish to find a new home for.

Please call in advance (Erin Patterson, 902-585-1193) to see if we want and can use your particular donation. There are many items that we cannot make use of, and we do not have the space or staff to deal with unwanted items. There are other recipients who might be able to make better use of your donations, and we can help connect you with them.

There are some items we welcome:

  • contemporary literary fiction, poetry, drama, and criticism in English
  • runs of scholarly and/or literary journals that fill gaps in our holdings


There are also items we regretfully cannot accept:

  • duplicates of items already in our collection
  • materials that have been damaged by (for example) water, damp, mildew, mould, animals, insects, or smoke (including cigarette smoke)
  • self-published or print-on-demand books
  • popular fiction
  • textbooks
  • encyclopedia sets
  • most Bibles
  • magazines
  • cassette tapes, LPs, and CDs
  • VHS tapes

blankAcadia University Library's digital bookplates recognize the many benefactors whose generous gifts enrich our collections for the entire university community.

Each bookplate is permanently linked to the titles in our library catalogue that were donated by or purchased with funds from each benefactor. Bookplates can also be accompanied by information about the donor and/or about the person or event in whose honour the donation was made. Gifts to the library are a thoughtful way to pay tribute to exceptional colleagues, friends, or family members, to commemorate graduations, weddings, births, and other milestones and achievements, or to mark events of historical significance.

For more information, please contact Erin Patterson at (902) 585-1193.

Erin Patterson

For more information about digital bookplates or gifts to the library, please contact:

Erin Patterson
Academic Librarian
Vaughan Memorial Library
Acadia University
(902) 585-1193