Off-campus access


To access the library's licensed resources when you are not on campus simply click the Off-Campus Access button. You will be redirected to our EZproxy server where you'll be asked to login with your Acadia network username and password. You can then go the subject guides or our A-Z list of databases and search away.

It's a good idea to hit your Home button on your browser or close your browser when you've finished using the licensed resources. That way you're not using the proxy server when you don't need to.

There's no reason to click the Off-Campus Access button when you are on-campus. If you just can't help yourself and you do, you won't think anything has happened but look at the url in your address bar. You'll notice that it now says We don't suggest you do your regular browsing through the EZproxy server.

Be sure to let us know if you encounter any problems using EZproxy by emailing

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

For some things, such as accessing network files, you may want to the use the VPN. See instructions from Technology Services.