Two photocopiers are located to the right as you enter the Main Entrance of the Library. Copies are $0.10 for each copy; double-sided copies are $0.10 for each side of the sheet. All photocopiers require the use of photocopy cards.

Microform readers/printers

A microform reader which can scan and print is located on the Main floor. A photocopy card is required to make paper copies ($0.10/page) from the microform readers. Scanning to a file on your own USB flash drive is free of charge.

Microform Reader/Printer
Microform Reader/Scanner/Printer


Copy cards


Cash card

Copy cards can be purchased from the Access Desk. Once you purchase a blank card at a cost of $1.00, you may place any monetary value on the card.

The debit card readers attached to the photocopiers will deduct 10¢ from your card for each copy you make. Copies of microform materials made on the microform readers/printers also cost 10¢ per page.

Departmental & research copy (debit) cards

The Vaughan Memorial Library provides copy cards (or 'Debit' cards) for use by faculty and departmentally-authorized staff and students, as well as research grant holders and their assistants. These cards are charged to departmental or research accounts and are kept at the Access Services Desk for use on the Library's photocopy machines and microform reader/printers.

Features of Departmental & Research Copy (Debit) Cards:

Cash card
  • Prearranged & exclusive debit cards for Library use only.
  • Paid for by departments, grants, or individual faculty members.
  • Each card contains 200 copies and costs $11.00.
  • One copy is deducted from the card each time a photocopy is made; two copies are deducted for a printout from the microform reader/printer.
  • Records of all cards charged to an account are sent to the Business Office.
  • Cards stay within the Library.
  • Cards are signed out by authorized persons only upon presentation of Acadia ID card
  • Names of authorized persons to use departmental copy cards are supplied by departmental secretaries or Department Heads.
  • Names of authorized persons to use research or grant copy cards are supplied by the faculty member.
  • Copies of the sign-out sheets and the records of cards charged to an account will be forwarded periodically to departments or faculty upon request.


To establish a departmental or research or grant copy (debit) card account the department head or secretary should contact with the following information:

  1. The names of all people authorized to use the copy card.
  2. The account number to debit for copies used.
  3. Whether you wish to have a photocopy of the sign-out sheet at the end of the term.